Seven Pines:  31 May 1862     US

    Pushing towards Richmond down the Peninsula in 1862, McClellan moved his left wing, the Corps of Heintzlmann and Keyes, across the Chickahominy thus establishing a supply base at Savage Station. Only 10 miles from Richmond, and on the Richmond and York River Railroad, he hoped to use this to facilitate his advance. The rebel rearguard under Johnston, attacked and drove in skirmishers thrown out by Casey, between the White Oak Swamp and the  Chickahominy at Seven Pines. The raw recruits of Casey's Division, many from Naglee's Brigade, fell back on the partially completed defensive works as re-enforcements were summoned. These were slow in coming, but fortunately the attack was also slow to develop. A desperate struggle ensued for control of the earthworks and the crossroad. The scenario begins where the pickets have been driven back, and as the rebel advance begins in earnest. The time has been condensed a little to allow the battle to fit into a three hour slot. Further, the events north of Fair Oaks have been ignored, as largely irrelevant to this part of the battle. You have the full forces available to Keyes, but how effectively can you use them to protect your retreat at X.

   The game begins with the rebel 1.00pm turn, and ends with the US 6.00pm turn. A total of 10 turns, but initially there is not a lot on the field.

   Victory Conditions: normal victory points plus 10 points for possession of Twin House Redoubt, or 5 for holding Seven Pines Crossroad, with an unspent brigade.

Army List

A. Keyes' Corps

B. Casey's Div.

C. Naglee's Br. 8/7/5 [disordered]

D. Wessells' Br. 7/6/4 

E. Palmer's Br. 7/6/4 Ex.

G1. Art. Batt.

G2. Art. Batt.

H. *Couch's Div.

I. *Peck's Br.  7/6/4

J. *Abercrombie's Br. 7/6/4

K. *Devens' Cav. Br.  5/4/3

L1. *Art. Batt. 

L2. *Art. Batt.

L3. *Art. Batt.

M. **Heintzlmann's Corps

N. **Kearney's Div.

O. **Berry's Br. 6/5/4 Ex.

P. **Jameson's Br. 6/5/4

Total: 53 inf. stands and 5 batteries.

 * these units may not move until the rebels contact the abatis between s and s  

 ** these units break from the swamp between y and y at 4.00pm with commanders. They may die roll as normal for ability to maneouvre.