Seven Pines 31 May 1862                       CS

   Pushing towards Richmond down the Peninsula in 1862, McClellan is threatening the Confederate Capital. His left wing has crossed the Chickahominy River to establish a base at Savage Station, only 10 short miles from Richmond. He hopes to use the Richmond and York River Railroad to facilitate his advance. In charge of the rebel rear-guard action, Johnston decides to try and annihilate the two separated Union Corps, before they can receive re-enforcements from across the rain-swollen Chickahominy. He attempts to launch the attack with his right wing, but in the confusion only DH Hill really makes contact. The columns of Longstreet and Huger get tangled in a confusion of woods, swamps, crowded roads and unclear orders. Finally only 5 of the 13 available brigades are seriously in action, though Micah Jenkins almost cuts off the Union retreat on the Williamsburg Road, following a desperate struggle for control of the earthworks and Seven Pines Crossroads. The time has been condensed a little to allow the battle to fit into a three hour slot. Further, the events north of Fair Oaks have been ignored, as largely irrelevant to this part of the battle. You don't have the full forces available to Johnston, but how effectively can you use the participating brigades.

   The game begins with the rebel 1.00pm turn, and ends with the US 6.00pm turn. A total of 10 turns, but initially there is not a lot on the field.

   Victory Conditions: normal VPs +10 points for an unspent unit on the Williamsburg Rd. between X and X, or +5 for taking and holding Seven Pines Crossroad, with an unspent brigade.

Army List: CS

(1. Longstreet [Corps]) arrives @ A @ 3.30

(2. DH Hill's Div.) arrives @ A @ 1pm

(3. Garland's Br.  12/9/6 Ex.) arrives @ A @ 1pm

(4. Rodes' Br. 15/11/8 Ex.) arrives @ A @ 1pm

(5. GB Anderson's Br. 11/9/6) arrives @ A @ 1.30pm

(6. Rains' Br. 9/7/5) arrives @ A @ 1.30pm

(7. Art Batt.) arrives @ A @ 1pm

(8. RH Anderson's Div. ) enters between B and C at 3.00pm.

(9. *Jenkins' Br. 11/8/6 Ex.)

(10. Kemper's Br. 13/11/8) between B and C at 3.00pm.

(11. Art Batt.) between B and C at 3.00pm.

Total: 71 inf stands and 2 batteries.

 All off table units enter in supported line. 

 * Jenkins breaks from the woods between S and S at 4.00pm with a maneouvre roll to make to determine further movement. If the ground is occupied, deploy as near as possible to intended line of advance from Fair Oaks.