Newmarket   15 May 1864                      US

   While facing Lee in E. Virginia, Grant ordered Major General Franz Sigel to threaten Lee's flank by a move through the Shenandoah Valley. On 15 May his advanced force met strong rebel resistance at Newmarket under Breckenridge. Realising his forces were too strung out to give battle, he withdrew his advanced guard to a more defensible position just north of Bushong Farm. Other units would then move up to the position. He then hoped to give battle. Unfortunately the rebels concentrated first and attacked, and he found himself trying to ward off a collapse. The scenario begins after Sigel's lead units have been driven out of Newmarket, as the withdrawl begins.

Scenario Rules: All infantry units south of Bushong must withdraw at least 3" per turn until Bushong is reached, unless unable to do so on the maneouvre roll. Only after reaching Bushong may offensive moves be made.

Game: begins with US 11.30 turn, and ends with the CS 3.00 turn.

Victory Conditions: VPs plus 1 VP for each unspent unit south of Bushong Farm.

(A. Corps Sigel) arrives @ 12.00 at z

B. Division Sullivan

C. 18 Conn.5/4/3

D.123 Ohio  -/7/5

E. 1st W. Virg. -/7/5

(F. *12 W. Virg. 9/8/5) arrives @ 12.30

(G. 34 Mass Ex. 6/5/3) arrives @ 12.00]

(H. 54 Penn. Ex. 5/3/2) arrives @ 12.00]

I. Stahel's Cav. Division:   

J. Tibbit's Cav. 5/4/3

K. Taylor's Cav. 5/4/3

L. Wynkoop's Cav. -/5/3 dismounted

M. Snow's Batt.

N. Kleiser's Batt.

(O. **Carlin's Batt.) arrives @ 12.00

P. Ewing's Batt.

All units are scaled up in size.

Total: 39 inf stands, 15 cav. and 4 batteries.

  • Sigel has a command radius of 6". [Orders in German??!]
  • * must deploy north of Bushong Fm. All maneouvre rolls are at -1.
  • ** must deploy at point X once on the table.
  • Arrivals: must enter in march column at point Z, or wait a turn to enter in line within 1" of the road.