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ACW Art:
Some excellent artwork, and the source of my wallpaper. Civil War Clipart Gallery
Some excellent animated gifs. and lots of other images. Savage-Goodner's Confederate Clipart Page
Good animated flag gifs. Wargame Miniature Flags


Web Rings:
Good source of related period sites Webring 19 Century
16 to 19Century web ring. 
ditto The Wargames Directory


ACW Retail:
UK source of ACW merchandise. Simplycivilwar
ACW artist 'par excellence', many painting thumbnails. The Official Mort Kunstler Website
Source of online purchases mainly for CS. Civil War


Wargames Clubs:
One of the best general wargames 'news' sites. British Historical Games Society (BHGS)
Warfare Competition at Reading.
Hosts an ACW round, nice little show. Devizes Wargames Group Home Page
Host to one of Fire and Fury competitions. Southborne Tabletop and Boardgames Club
A good source of info. of all kinds and colourful too. Wargames Forum
The popular Colours Show website. Colours - Wargames and Modelling Website
My clubs home site, a good source of info. Milton Keyns Wargames Society - Home


ACW Re-enactors:
An excellent source of info,  about re-enactment. 


ACW Information:
The other F n F site, though sadly no longer updated regularly. Fire & Fury Online Resources
Huge index of sometimes obscure ACW info. Index of Civil War Information 
The ultimate ACW trivia and quiz site. Bob Koch's Civil War Site
One of the ultimate links pages, good regimental/state info. Civil War and Related Links
A useful site with a variety of good links. Rush's Lancers
  The American Civil War in Miniature
Very good site for articles, period  pictures and chat room.


ACW Maps:
A good source of period battle field maps that can be downloaded. Topographical Engineers - Homepage


ACW Books & Publications:
A good variety of source books. Osprey Publishing - Home
UK wargames mag. occasional ACW articles. Miniature Wargames
ditto above. Wargames Illustrated
Good articles and period photos. Military Images Mag.
Good articles and maps. Blue & Gray Magazine-The General's Books


ACW Figures:
Some good 15mm. figures.
Quality 25 mm. figurines. Dixon Miniatures
A good range of 15mm. figures which can be bought singly or in packs. Donnington Miniatures
Peter Pig has a good range of 15mm.figs. plus some good 'specials' 
Not my favourites, but a good variety of 15mm.


ACW Naval Range:
Good naval starting point. Civil War Ironclads Links
Good information and pictures. Ironclads and Blockade Runners
A good range of resin vessels at sensible prices. 


ACW Flags:  
Good animated flag gifs. Wargame Miniature Flags
Good flags and animated gifs. Savage Goodner Flag Gallery
Good site for downloadable flags. 

Please let me know if any of these links expire at any time.

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