Gettysburg: Pender's Attack: 1 July 1863  US

    Following Heth's initial attack during the morning, there was a lull around noon, on the western side of Gettysburg. Pender's Division, idle during the morning attack, was brought up as Union forces were diverted to meet Confederate attacks from the north. The advance was renewed around 2.30pm, by elements of Heth's Division and then Pender's. Union resistance in places was stubborn, particularly from Meredith's 'Iron Brigade in Herbst Woods, but against far superior numbers they were gradually forced to fall back. Buford again deployed his cavalry division during the late afternoon, to distract the Confederate right wing.

   The second line of defence was Seminary ridge where a stand was made, but before nightfall they were forced to fall back again through Gettysburg to Cemetery Ridge.

   Scenario Rules: a) *Batteries may not be moved forward but ignore all 'low on ammo' rolls. They may target guns on Herr Ridge, over McPherson's.  b) All brigades forced to retreat, do so towards Gettysburg.

   Terrain Rules: a) Willoughby Run is fordable all along its length, b) all woods are rough and block line of sight.

   Off table units: Off table units enter in single line between points indicated, and roll for manoeuvre.

   First turn: no US, CS 2.30pm     Last turn: US 6.00pm  no CS   (7 turns)

   Victory Conditions:  3pts per unspent brigade on Seminary Ridge + normal VPs



Army List US

1. Doubleday (1st Corps)

2. Wadsworth's Div.

3. Meredith's Brig. 7/5/3 Ex.

4. Cutler -/8/5 Ex.

5. Rowley's Div.

6.  Biddle's Brig. 5/4/3

7. Stone's Brig. 7/5/4

8. Breck's Batt.

9. *Stewart's Batt. (See note)

10. *Steven's Batt. (See note)

11. Cooper's Batt.

(12. Buford's Cav. Div. Ex.) enter at X at 4.30pm

13. 8th Ill Cav. 3/2/- Ex.

(14. Gamble's Cav. 3/2/- Ex.) enter at X at 4.30pm

(15. Calef's HA Batt.) enter at X at 4.30pm


Total: 27 Inf. stands, 6 Cav. stands and 5 batteries.