Gettysburg: Heth's Attack,  1 July 1863        US

   The initial contact with the rebels came early on the morning of the 1 July. Buford's cavalry division came under fire from Confederate batteries [Pegram's], and saw grey columns west of Herr Ridge. Over the next hour or so they fell back slowly supported by the horse artillery of Calef's battery, under steady pressure from Archer's skirmishers. Reynolds arrived on the field early, and determined to defend the ridges west of Gettysburg. Doubleday's Corps was summoned, arriving during the morning to stem the piecemeal rebel attack. This is where the scenario actually begins.

   Following the initial repulse, there was a lull around midday as both sides regrouped to bring up further re-enforcements. Had the Confederate attack been better coordinated, Union forces would undoubtedly have found it difficult to have held onto MacPherson's Ridge.

   The game begins with the CS 9.00 turn, and ends with the US 12.30 turn.

   Rules for 'the Cut': +2 if defending the cut from either side, -2 when receiving fire. Units in the cut can only exit the cut on a well handled roll. Units pushed back in the cut ignore this, but lose 1 stand; if beyond musket lose 2 stands; if routed, exit but lose 3 stands.

   Notes: there are a lot of unit notes for this carefully.  Calef's battery starts split...each acts as a half battery, but may re-combine. Batteries on Seminary Ridge can target all other ridges.

   Walls: +1 in combat, -1 to fire.

   Victory Conditions: 5 points for control of Seminary Ridge in the 12.30 turn, (no unspent CS troops on the ridge.) + normal VPs.

Army List: US

1.Buford Div. Ex.

2.Gamble Cav. Br. 8/6/4 Ex.

3.Devin Cav. Br. 6/5/3

4a/b. Calef's HA Battery

(5. *Reynolds Ex. Army Comm.) arrives at 9.30 between C-D.

(6. Doubleday's Corps) arrives at 10.30 between C-D.

(7.Wadsworth's Div.) arrives 10am betw. B-C.

(8.Meredith's Br.  7/5/3 Ex.) arrives at 10.00 between B-C in column.

(9.Cutler's Br. 10/8/5 Ex.) arrives at 9.30 between C-D in column.

(10.Hall's Battery [R]) arrives at 10am between B-C.

(11.Rowley's Div.) arrives 11.00 betw. C-D.

(12.Biddle's Br. 6/5/3) arrives 11,30 betw. A-B in line.

(13.Stone's Br.  7/5/4) arrives 11am betw. C-D in column.

(14.Cooper's Batt. [R]) arrives at 11.00 between C-D.

(15.Wainwright's Div.) arrives at 10.30 between C-D.

(16.Reynold's Battery [R]) arrives at 10.30 between C-D.

(17.Stewart's Batt.) arrives at 10.30 between C-D.

(18.Steven's Batt.) arrives at 10.30 between C-D.

Total: 30 inf stands, 14 cav stands and 6 batt.

 (  ) off table arrive in line unless otherwise stated.