Gettysburg: Heth's Attack, 1 July 1863     CS

   The initial contact with rebel troops came early on the morning of 1 July 1863.Heth was pushing forward under orders, both to capture shoes believed to be in Gettysburg, and not to bring on a general engagement. He met cavalry skirmishers west of Herr Ridge. Thinking they were backed only by local militia, Heth pushed forward with a heavy skirmish line and an intimidating artillery presence. Realizing too late that he had encountered a more substantial force, he seems to have been very lax about bringing up his second line. This is where the scenario begins. Is it possible to use the second line more effectively, and end Gettysburg on day one?

   By the time they arrived, his first line had been defeated by the arriving Federal forces, despite a superiority in artillery. There was a lull around noon which was used to regroup, prior to another attack on MacPherson's Ridge during the afternoon.

   Rules for 'the Cut': +2 if defending the cut from either side, -2 when receiving fire. Units in the cut can only exit the cut on a well handled roll. Units pushed back in the cut ignore this, but lose 1 stand; if beyond musket lose 2 stands; if routed, exit but lose 3 stands.

   The game begins with the CS 9.00 turn, and ends with the US 12.30 turn.

   Victory Conditions: 5 VPs for holding Seminary Ridge at the end of 12.30 turn, (no unspent US units on the ridge) + normal VPs.

Army List: CS

1. Heth's Div.

2. Davis   11/8/6

3. Archer   6/5/3

4. Pettigrew Ex. 13/10/7

5. Brockenbrough 5/4/3

6. *Pegram Art. Div.

7.Crenshaw's battery

8. Fredricksburg battery [R]

9. Letcher's battery

10. Purcell's battery [R]

Total: 35 inf stands and 4 batt.

* do not go low on ammo. if they remain on Herr Ridge. Instead miss one fire phase. From here they can target all the other ridges. [R] are rifled guns, see revised fire chart. Guns may be deployed by Pegram.