Cedar Mountain: 9 Aug. 1862   CS

   In early August, Major General John Pope had launched operations in northern Virginia against the rebels. Major General Thomas J. Jackson was sent by Lee from the defense of Richmond to deal with this threat, and now faced Pope across the Rapidan River. Jackson's spies kept him informed of Federal movements after he had pulled back his cavalry to entice Pope forward. Thus when Pope advanced in three columns towards Gordonsville, Jackson knew it and determined to move boldly towards one of the columns and defeat it in detail before the others could arrive. On 8 August, he and Hill moved against Bank's corps., hoping to attack him around Culpepper Court House, but things went awry!  Oppressive heat and confusing orders reduced the 'foot cavalry' to a crawl, some regiments traveling only a mile.

   Jackson sorted out the mess and pushed on again on 9 August towards Culpepper and Pope, despite being unaware of where the other two columns now were. He still hoped to defeat Banks in isolation. Units of  Early's brigades encountered Bayard's cavalry just north of Cedar Mountain, about seven miles south of Culpepper. As Confederate artillery was brought up, so too was Federal artillery and infantry. Jackson, the old artillerist, arrived and settled down for an artillery duel until Hill's division could be brought up for the assault. His command was now somewhat strung out in the heat. But there was still time before dark to dispose of Banks....if he were quick!!

   The game begins with the US 4.30 turn and ends with the CS 7.30 turn. NB. the last turn is a twilight turn, cannister and in-combat shooting only, command 6".

   Scenario Notes: Cedar Mountain batteries add 1 fire point to each gun because of the commanding position. They do not run low on ammo if a 10 is rolled, but miss 1 fire phase.

   Victory Conditions: normal VPs, + 3 for control of junction Y + 1 for any unspent brigades east of Cedar Creek [other than Trimble and Forno's].

Army List: CS

1.Jackson Corps Ex.

(No Div. comm. present)

3. Garnett 5/3/2

4. Taliaferro 7/5/4 Ex.

5. Ronald 5/3/2

2 batteries

[6. A.P. Hill Div.]*

[7. Branch 10/8/5]*

[8. Archer 9/7/5]**

[9. Thomas 4/3/2]**

i. battery [on road]

10. Ewell Div. Ex.  

11. Early 8/5/3 Ex.

[12. Trimble 5/4/3]***

[13. Forno 8/6/4]***

2 batteries

Total: 61 inf stands and 5 batteries.

  • * arrive on the road at X and enter in march column at 5.30. 
  • ** arrive at X at 6.00 in march column.
  • *** arrive on table in supported line at 6.00, from Cedar Mountain. They may arrive earlier, if an unspent enemy unit moves to within 6" of the Cedar Mountain batteries.