Cedar Mountain: 9 Aug. 1862   US.

   In early August, Major General John Pope had launched operations in Northern Virginia against the rebels, at the behest of his political allies in Washington. Major General Thomas J. Jackson was sent by Lee to deal with this threat, and now faced Pope across the Rapidan River. From Washington, General Halleck ordered Pope to threaten Gordonsville, hoping that the  pressure would force Lee to send re-enforcements from Richmond. This in turn, it was hoped, would relieve pressure on McClellan, who had been ordered to retreat from his entrenched position at Harrison's Landing, and return by sea to assist Pope.

   On 6 August, the advance began. Three columns were to push south and converge on Culpepper Court House, an important rail junction on the road to Gordonsville. Confederate cavalry seemed absent and Jackson  was reportedly south of Gordonsville. 

   By the morning of the 9 August, Federal cavalry under Bayard were seven miles south of Culpepper, with Bank's Corps not far behind. During the day they were assailed by Confederate infantry and artillery and pushed back to Cedar Run where elements of Bank's Corps came up in support. Bayard's cavalry must have informed him that there was a sizeable Confederate presence developing, but he nevertheless chose to attack, perhaps remembering a defeat at Jackson's hands earlier in the year, and sensing a chance of revenge! Can he defeat his old adversary before help arrives?

   The game begins with the US 4.30 turn, and ends with the CS 7.30 turn. NB. the last turn is a twilight turn, cannister and in-combat shooting only, command 6".

Victory Conditions: normal victory points, + 3 terrain points for control of junction Y , + 1 point for each unspent US brigade west of Cedar Run.


Army List: US

A. Banks Corps

B. Augur Div.

C. Prince 6/4/2

D. Geary 7/5/4

E. Greene 4/3/2

F. Williams Ex. Div.

[G. *Crawford 9/7/5 Ex.]

[H. **Gordon 9/7/5]

[I. ***Bayard Cav Br. 6/5/3 unatt.]

4 Batteries of Res. Artillery


  • * appears in woods at Z. the turn after Prince and Geary cross Cedar Run. If the wood is occupied, enter from the north as near the designated position as possible. G may move the same turn.
  • ** appears between points s and t the same turn as G appears, and may move.
  • *** appears between s and t at 7.00 and may move.