Brice's Crossroad 10 June 1864              US

  When planning a spring offensive against Atlanta, General Sherman feared that Forrest, who was protecting the rich farmlands of Mississippi, would move down into Georgia and ravage his long and tenuous supply lines. To prevent this, he ordered Federal forces based at Memphis to attack the area in which Forrest's cavalry corps was operating. Major General Samuel Sturgis left Memphis with 5,000 infantry and 3,00 cavalry to begin the offensive on 2 June 1864. Forrest, with a much inferior force, intercepted Sturgis just west of Brice's crossroad, near Tishomingo Creek. Rebel skirmishers were gradually pushed back by Waring's skirmishers, who soon reached the crossroads. As the rebel resistance stiffened, Winslow's Brigade and some artillery were brought up. 

      The terrain was heavily wooded with black-jack and scrub oak undergrowth in many places. There were a few cleared fields around the crossroads, but movement was slow and difficult off the roads. This is where the scenario begins...having pushed the skirmishers back, can Grierson defeat the numerically inferior rebels before their support arrives, or do they wait for their own infantry before attacking?

   The game begins with the CS 11.30 am turn and finishes with the US 3.00 pm turn, a total of seven turns.

     Terrain Notes: is dense woodland, all movement at half speed except for the more open fields, not yet high with crops. Tishomingo Creek can be crossed by foot but not artillery. Because it was swollen by heavy rain, crossing units lose 1 stand and become disordered.

     Scenario Notes: Waggons/Ambulances must move towards the crossroad each turn. They may withdraw only if the rebels approach within 6". Other units may not move through waggons on the road, they must go around. Waggons may be deployed in the fields. Waggons fight/count as batteries so may be captured.

   Victory Conditions: normal victory conditions Sturgis's task is to destroy Forrest's command, plus 5 points for control of the crossroads.

Army List: US

A. Sturgis' [Corps] 

B. Grierson Ex. Cav. Div.

C. Waring's Cav. 8/6/4 [disord. and dism.]

D. Winslow's Cav. 9/7/5 [disord. and dism.]

J. H.Art. Batt.

(E. *McMillen Div. arrive X at 12.00pm.)

(F. Wilkin's Brig." 10/8/6 arrive X at 12.30pm.)

(G. Hoge's Brig.* 8/7/5 arrive X at 12.00pm.)

(H. Bouton's Brig. 6/5/4 arrive X at 1.00pm.)

(I. Art. Batt. arrive X at 12.00pm.)

(K. Art. Batt. arrive X at 12.30pm.)

L. 2 Waggons"

Total: 24 inf s. 17 cav st. and 2 batteries

  •    Waring and Winslow may not make any offensive move until one or other unit has been 'pushed back'.
  •    Artillery from off table must initially deploy within 6" of Brices.
  •    Cavalry may not mount up as horses have been withdrawn.