Brice's Crossroad 10 June 1864              CS

  When planning a spring offensive against Atlanta, General Sherman feared that Forrest, who was protecting the rich farmlands of Mississippi, would move down into Georgia and ravage his long and tenuous supply lines. To prevent this he ordered Federal forces  based at Memphis to attack the area Forrest was protecting with his cavalry corps. As a result, Major General Samuel Sturgis left Memphis with 5,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry to begin the offensive on 2 June 1864. Forrest was aware of the Federal incursion and scouted their advance well. He planned to meet the advance at Brices, some 85 miles southeast of Memphis, while it was strung out in the June heat, and defeat it piecemeal. He hoped to attack aggressively and defeat the cavalry before the arrival of the infantry. The terrain was heavily wooded with black-jack and scrub oak undergrowth in many places. There were a few cleared fields around the crossroads. Initially Forrest's units had fallen back in good order from the Tishomingo to Brices and thence along the Baldwin Rd. Here they held, having developed the Union cavalry and a battery, to await re-enforcements. Forrest's plan was to attack boldly to his front, whilst developing vigorous if small attacks on both flanks using his escort cavalry. Most of the cavalry were armed with a variety of pistols and shotguns, so were potent in hand-to-hand combat. The scenario begins as the rebel forces begin to arrive to attack the developed Union cavalry. Can they dispatch them before too much support arrives?

    The game begins with the CS 11.30 am turn and game finishes with the US 3.00 pm turn, (7 turns.)

    Terrain Notes: is dense woodland, all movement at half speed except for the more open fields, not yet high with crops. Tishomingo Creek can be crossed by foot but not artillery. Because it was swollen by heavy rain, crossing units lose 1 stand and become disordered.

    Scenario Notes: All Forrest's cavalry fire as US cavalry when dismounted, and fire as CS when mounted because of handguns carried. They were directly under Forrest's command.

Army List: CS [all cavalry]

1. Gen. Forrest's Corps Ex.

2. Buford's Div.

3. Lyon's Br. 5/3/2 disordered

4. Johnson's Br. 4/3/2 disordered

5. Rucker's Br.  4/3/2 Ex. disordered

12.  Bell's Div. Ex. 

6. Bell's Br. [a.] 7/5/3

7. Bell's Br. [b.] 7/5/3

11. Rice's Batt.

(8. ** Barteau 2/1/- Ex.) unatt. arrive mounted at 1.30 at Y

(9. **Tyler 2/1/- Ex. unatt.) arrive mounted at 1.30 at Z

(10. *Morton's Batt. unatt.) arrives at X at 1pm [Morton may deploy his own battery]

 Total: 31 cav. stands and 2 batteries.

*Morton; may deploy his own guns and may manhandle them up to 2" on the road and fire. Add one fire point for exceptional commander.

**Only Barteau and Tyler may be mounted, as other horses have been withdrawn. They may attack in march column, and because of small numbers, are not enfiladed.

   N.B. Bell's Brigade has been divided in two, as it was made up of three large regiments, and Bell treated as a Divisional Commander.

   Victory Conditions: normal VPs + 2 points each for unspent units west of Brice's Farm fields, [not units 8 or 9] + 5 points for control of the crossroads.