Barlow's Knoll: 1 July 1863   US.

   Following Heth's attack west of Gettysburg, and pressure on the First Corps by Rodes Division from the north west, the eleventh Corps was sent to try and secure the right flank north of Gettysburg. When Barlow arrived, he felt he could not ignore Blocher's Knoll [subsequently Barlow's Knoll] as it dominated the plain north of the town. Without direct authority, and without informing Schurz, he advanced to secure the knoll. He thus left the right wing of the army painfully stretched. When Schurz realized, [he had been observing the action on his left flank] he had no time to re-adjust his line before the Confederate assault began. The Corps, some of whom were 90 day men, were strung out, untried, and largely unsupported. As pressure continued from the north west, they were over-run by Early's well-handled attack. Many were captured in and around Gettysburg, where the retreat caused massive congestion and confusion.

    Skirmishing: they may fire, receive fire at -1, artillery may fire through but not canister, move independently but not more than 6" from the unit, must fall back on the unit if charged. They may not charge. Only enemy artillery may fire through them.

   Scenario Notes: All US troops must retreat towards Gettysburg. Units trying to rally with any stands in Gettysburg, does so at -2 to dice roll.

   The game begins with the CS 2.30 turn, [no US 2.30] and game ends with the US 6.30 turn [no CS 6.30]

   Victory Conditions: normal VPs + 5 points if no fresh CS units in Gettysburg at the end of the game. [Any stand in the town counts.] 

Army List: US

1. Schurz' Corps

2. Barlow's Div.

3. Von Gilsa's Br. 6/5/3*

4. Ames' Br. Ex. 9/8/5

5. Wilkeson's Battery

6.Schimmel-fennig Div.

7. **Amsberg's Br. 11/9/6

8. Krysanowski's Br. 9/8/5

9. Dilger and Wheeler's Batts.

(10. "Coster's Br. 7/5/4) unattached

(11.Heckman's Batt.) arrives at X at 4.00 pm

12. ""Baxter's Br. Ex. 8/5/3

Total: 50 inf. stands and 4 batteries

  •    *Von Gilsa does not start outflanked and gets +1 for his defensive position.
  •    **Amsberg begins with 5 stands forming a heavy skirmish line. For details see above.
  •    "Coster arrives in march column at point X at 4.30. He moves at normal speed because of congestion in the town.
  •    ""Baxter must stay west of the Mummasburg Rd. They must fall back at least 1" per turn from 3.30 looking for ammo, unless in combat.

   NB. This scenario is not balanced and was originally paired with another 'CS victory' scenario, players playing CS in one of the two scenarios for competition balance.