Barlow's Knoll: 1 July 1863 CS.

   Following action to the west of Gettysburg during the morning of July 1, Early's attack began around 3.00 with an artillery barrage. An infantry attack then forced in skirmishers and exposed Barlow's position on the knoll. The extreme right of the Federal position was very thin, but Early's main reason to attack was initially to support Dole. Federal troops had been seen moving 'vigorously' northwards towards Doles flank. Early's Division swept down in two main lines, and combining with an attack by Doles, overwhelmed Von Gilsa's Brigade at the knoll. Though there was sturdy resistance from the Union artillery, each brigade was dispatched as they arrived piecemeal to try and stem the advance. The Confederate advance took Gettysburg by the end of the afternoon, forcing Union troops holding Wills Woods to retire or get cut off. Many were captured in and around Gettysburg because of the confusion of the retreat.

  Skirmishing: they may fire, receive fire at -1, artillery may fire through but not canister, move independently but not more than 6" from the unit, must fall back on the unit if charged. They may not charge. Only enemy artillery may fire through them.

  The game begins with the CS 2.30 turn [no US 2.30] and game ends with the US 6.00 [no CS 6.00]

  Victory Conditions: normal victory points + 5 points if any fresh CS units in Gettysburg at the end of the game. [Any stand in the town counts.] 

   NB. This scenario is not balanced and was originally paired with another 'CS victory' scenario, players playing CS in one of the two scenarios for competition balance.

Army List CS
A. Early's Div.  Ex.

(B. *Hay' Br.s Ex. 9/6/4) enter @ 3pm X-Y
(C. *Smith's Br. 6/5/3) enter @ 3.30pm X-Y
D. Avery's Br. 8/6/4

E. Gordon's Br. Ex. 12/8/5

F. Jones' 4 batteries

(G. Rodes' Div.)

H. Doles' Br. Ex. 11/8/6

(I. **O'Neal's Br. 11/9/6)

(J. **Iverson's Br. 7/5/4) enters @ 4pm between S and T

K. Reece and Page's batts.

Total: 64 inf. stands and 6 batteries.

  •   All batteries +1 for commanding fire. Do not go low on ammo if they remain where they are, but miss 1 fire phase. Jones can see over the Rock Creek trees. Batteries may only cross Rock Creek via the bridges.
  •    ** Should be deployed 4" in front of batteries. O'Neal and Iverson must stay west of the Carlisle Pike. O'Neal starts with 5 stands as a heavy skirmish line. [see above]