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All illustrations by Michael Chappell. (I have made efforts to contact Michael without success to get official permission to use his excellent illustrations))

Officer 5th New York Zouaves (full dress)
Zouave in campaign dress.
Private 5th New York Zouaves (Duryée's Zouaves)
Private and Officer 9th New York (Hawkins') Zouaves.
79th New York Volunteers (after 79th Cameron Highlanders)
Private in full, private in service and sergeant in full dress uniforms.
Private 39th New York Volunteers (Garibaldi Guard)
Private 1st Mass. Militia.
Corporal Vermont Brigade.
Private 7th New York National Guard
Corporal 7th New York National Guard
Sergeant New York Militia
Officer 1st Rhode Island Volunteers
Private 1st Rhode Island Volunteers
Private 2nd New Hampshire Volunteers
Sergeant 14th New York Volunteers
Sergeant 19th Illinois Volunteers Co. D (Ellsworth Zouave Cadets)
Private 4th Michigan Volunteers.
Officer 11th Indiana Volunteers.
Private 83rd Penn. Volunteers
Drummer 114th Penn. Volunteers
Private 114th Penn. Volunteers
Officer and Corporal, 1st US Sharpshooters (Berdan's)