Gettysburg: 1 July 1863 Rodes' Attack 1.30pm      US

Rodes' Attack from Oak Hill:  The lunch-time lull following Heth's piecemeal attack, allowed both sides to regroup. It was broken by Rodes' attack from the NW on Oak Hill, hitting units that had been heavily engaged during the morning. The disjointed line took advantage of what cover there was, but was subjected to a galling fire from Rebel guns to the west on Herr Ridge (off table) and to the north on Oak Hill. As the rebel advance began, fresh firing could be heard from the west and the north east. There were no re-enforcements, and both flanks seemed in danger, but it was imperative to hold the position in order to give the remainder of the army time to concentrate around Gettysburg.

Terrain Rules: Walls/Farms offer +1 in combat, -1 against fire.

Scenario Rules:  A) Railway Cutting:

B) Artillery Fire: batteries on Seminary Ridge do not run low on ammunition, as long as they remain in position. 

Rifled Batteries fire chart Can: 5"  4-16" 16-32" 32-40"
5 4 3 2

First turn: CS 1.30am     Last turn: US 5.00pm     (7 turns)

Victory Conditions: +5 if an unspent unit is still contesting Wills Woods + normal VPs.

Army List: US

1. Doubleday (Corps)

2. Wadsworth's Div

3. Meredith E 6/5/3

4. Cutler E 9/7/5

5. Robinson's Div.

6. Paul E 7/5/4

7. Baxter E 7/5/4

8. Stone 7/5/4 unattached

9. Stewart's Batt. R

10. Cooper's Batt. R

11. Reynold's Batt. R

12. **Amsberg 8/6/4 unattached*

13. *Dilger's Batt. R

14. *Wheeler's Batt.

Total 44 infantry & 5 batteries.

* batteries do not run low on ammo, but if silenced move off to Gettysburg and may not redeploy.

**Amsburg is part of Schurz' Corps, and thus unattached. It may not initiate combat, nor cross west of the Mummasberg Rd.