Gettysburg: 1 July 1863 Rodes Attack 1.30pm      CS

   The lunch time lull on Day One of Gettysburg, after Heth's piecemeal attack, saw both sides regrouping. It was broken by Rodes' attack from the North West on Oak Hill. Unfortunately for the rebels, because of woods and the nature of the defensive positions, it was difficult to attack simultaneously, and the afternoon saw another series of confused and piecemeal attacks that were initially badly mauled. Eventually, however, pressure of numbers and Confederate artillery fire took its toll, and Doubleday's Corps, eventually outflanked on both sides, was forced to retire towards Gettysburg.

Terrain Rules: Walls/Farms offer +1 in combat, -1 against fire.

Scenario Rules:  A) Railway Cutting: 

B) Artillery Fire: Pegram's 4 batteries are off table, 4" west of point X and may fire onto the field. Measure from X + 3". 2 of the batteries are rifled. Fire may be split as required. These guns do not run 'low on ammo'.  Batteries deployed on Oak Hill do not run 'low on ammo' if they remain in place. They fire at +1 fire point each because of commanding position.

Rifled Batteries fire chart Can: 5"  4-16" 16-32" 32-40"
5 4 3 2

First turn: CS 1.30am     Last turn: US 5.00pm     (7 turns)

Victory Conditions: +5 if in control of Wills Woods (ie. no unspent US unit contesting possession.) + normal VPs.

Army List: CS

A. Ewell (Corps)

B. Rodes' Div.

C. Daniel 11/8/6 Ex.

D. Doles 6/5/3 Ex.

E. Iverson 7/5/4

F. Ramseur 5/3/2 Ex.

G. O'Neal 8/6/4

H. Carter's Batt.

I. Fry's Batt. (rifled)

(J.Davis -/8/6 unatt.) arrives @ 2pm at X

(K. Thomas 7/5/4 unatt.) arrives @ 2.30 at X

(L. Bockenbrough 5/4/3 unatt.)  arrives @ 2pm at Y

Total: 56 Infantry & 2 Batt. (& 4 off table)

( ) Off table units arrive between X & Y in supported line at 2.00 or 2.30pm.