Gettysburg:  Peach Orchard: 2 July 1863  US

    The first focus of this part of the attack became Sykes'  3rd Corps, isolated on the the higher ground around the Peach Orchard. When the CS flank attack developed, units were pulled from Cemetery ridge to meet it. A gap was left in the line at the end of Cemetery Ridge, covered only by a heavy skirmish line. The 2nd Corps commander, Hancock, was given control of the 3rd when Sykes was wounded, and he became more involved in the struggle to support the 3rd. He left the 2nd nominally in the hands of Gibbons, but had already drawn off much of its strength by the time the rebel attack focused on the gap on Cemetery Ridge. Despite a poorly coordinated attack, rebel units were still able to reach the crest of Cemetery Ridge in one place. By the end of the day, Federal units had pushed the rebels back, in some cases as far as the Emmitsburg Rd.

   Terrain Rules: a) all stone walls are +1 in combat and -1 to fire, b) all woods are rough and block line of sight, orchards only block line of sight.

   Scenario Rules: a) all units start in single line. Off table units enter with a full move in the formation outlined..  b) from 8pm action takes place in smoke and failing light, so visibility/command radius is reduced to 8" in all circumstances. c) Skirmishers: deploy stands 1" apart. May fire, receive fire at -1, artillery may fire through but not canister. They may not charge. Automatically pushed back by any charging unit. NB

US Army List

2. Graham's Br. 4/3/2 (part) (unatt.)

1. Humphrey's Div. Ex. (2 Div 3 Corps)

3. Brewster's Br (part) 6/5/3

4. Carr's Br. (part) 6/5/3 Ex.

16a Bucklyn's Batt. (3 corps)

16b Seeley's Batt. (3 corps)


5. Gibbon's Div. Ex. (2 Div 2 Corps)

6. ** Harrow's Br. (part) 4/3/2 skirmishing

(7. Webb's Brig. 6/5/3 Ex. enter 8 pm @ X in field column)

8. Hall's Br. (part) 3/-/2

9. Hays' Div.  (3 Div 2 Corps)

10 Smyth's Br. 6/5/3

11. Carroll's Brig. 5/4/3 Ex.

(16. Willard's Br. 7/6/4 enter 8.30 @ Z in supported line)

13.*  Brown's Batt. (2 corps)

14. Cushings Batt (2 corps Rifled )

15. Woodruff's Batt. (2 corps)


12.*  Weir's Batt (Res Art)

(17. McGilvery Res. Art Battalion; enters at 7pm @ Z)

(17a Philips Batt. (Rifled))

(17b Thompson Batt. (Rifled))


Total 52 inf stands + 7 batteries:

  • *Batteries 12/13 may only withdraw on a 9/10 roll on a manoeuvre dice, because counter battery and skirmisher fire killed many of the horses.
  • ** All of Harrow's brigade is skirmishing round the Codori Fm. If required to reform, they may do so only behind a friendly unit.
  • Any of the batteries may be deployed by Gibbons. Batteries are smoothbore unless marked.
  • Rifled batteries may only fire canister at half effect, but +1 to die roll for long distance fire.

   First turn: no US, CS 5.30am     Last turn: US 9.00pm  no CS   (8 turns)

   Victory Conditions: 3 points per unspent brigade west of Plum Run at the end of the last US turn + normal VPs

   NB. I have eliminated some of the batteries present, and also, I have had to artificially sever the battle at the Peach Orchard, to make it playable in 3 hours. The Round Top side of the assault will provide another scenario. Because of this split, some small liberties have been taken with troop dispositions around the Peach Orchard.