Gettysburg:  Peach Orchard: 2 July 1863  CS

    The attack on the US left wing can be seen in 2 parts; the outflanking manoeuvre centered on the Round Tops, and the attack on the Centre, north of the Peach Orchard, aimed at maintaining pressure on the Union centre, to prevent re-enforcements being sent to the flank. The attack was meant to be earlier and more widespread than it was, but there were a lot of delays, confusion and inaction on the part of several of Lee's commanders, thus the lack of Corps commander. The focus of the attack became Sykes' isolated 3rd Corps, and then the gap left in the line at the end of Cemetery Ridge, when Caldwell's Division was pulled out to support this Corps. This gap was initially covered by a heavy skirmish line. In the event, after clearing the Peach Orchard and the higher ground around it, and driving back the US skirmishers, the foremost part of the attack reached the crest of Cemetery Ridge, but not in sufficient numbers, or with sufficient support to capitalize on their success, and by the end of the day, they were being pushed back.

   Terrain Rules: a) all stone walls are +1 in combat and -1 to fire, b) all woods are rough and block line of sight; orchards are not rough but block line of sight.


   Scenario Rules: a) all units start in single line. b) from 8pm action takes place in smoke and failing light, so visibility/command radius is reduced to 8" in all circumstances. 

   Skirmishers: Deploy stands 1" apart. They may fire, receive fire at -1, artillery may fire through but not canister, move independently but not more than 15" from the unit, must fall back on the unit if charged. They may not charge. Artillery may fire through them, but not with canister.

   First turn: no US, CS 5.30am     Last turn: US 9.00pm  no CS   (7 turns)

   Victory Conditions: 2 points per unspent brigade anywhere on Cemetery Ridge at the end of the last US turn + normal VPs

Army List CS

A. McLaw's Div

B. Barksdale 8/5/3 Ex.

C. Wofford 8/6/4

AA : A P Hill's Corps

D. Anderson's Div

E. Wilcox 9/6/4 Ex.

F. Perry 4/3/2

G. Wright 7/5/3 Ex.

H. Posey 7/5/4

I. Alexander's Res. Art Battalion.  4 Batteries (1 rifled)

J. Pegram's Art Battalion. 4 Batteries (2 rifled)

Total; 43 inf. stands & 8 batteries

  • All units may make their initial move, once the unit to it's right has moved.
  • Batteries do not go low on ammo if they remain in position. They may advance, but only behind the infantry, because of the heavy Union skirmish line.
  • Batteries are smoothbore unless marked. Rifled batteries may only fire canister at half effect, but +1 to die roll for long distance fire.



  NB. I have had to reduce the number of batteries, and artificially sever the battle at the Peach Orchard, to make it playable in 3 hours. The Round Top side of the assault will provide another scenario. Because of this split, some small liberties have been taken with troop dispositions around the Peach Orchard.