Gettysburg:  Little Round Top: 2 July 1863 CS

   The plan for the 2nd day at Gettysburg, was for Longstreet to outflank the Federal left and roll up the line. In the event, Hood had to be sent further to the right of the Confederate line, after a march of some 30 miles, when it was found that the Federal line extended further than was anticipated. Had Stuart's cavalry been available for proper reconnaissance, things might have been different, but on the day, Longstreet's attack was not ready until after 4pm, and the line of march had been observed and moves had begun to bolster the US left wing.

   The attack began on the right and progressed to the left, in an attempt to stop re-enforcements from being sent to the flank, but was only partially successful, because of confusions about orders from Longstreet. Strenuous attempts were made to take and hold particularly Little Round Top, which gave access to the Union line of retreat.

   Terrain Rules: a) all stone walls are +1 in combat and -1 to fire, b) all woods are rough and block line of sight, orchards only block line of sight, c) Devil's Den counts as +2 to defend, -1 for firing, d) the Wheatfield is rough ground only, e) Plum Run is fordable along all its length.

   Scenario Rules: 

   First turn: no US, CS 4.30am     Last turn: US 8.00pm  no CS   (8 turns)

   Victory Conditions: 2 points if any unspent brigade has passed over the summit of Round Top, 5 points if any unspent unit is in possession of the summit of Little round Top, at the end of the final US turn + normal VPs

   NB. To improve the game-play, I have eliminated some of the batteries present, as they dominate the game too much under these rules. Also, I have had to artificially sever the battle at the Peach Orchard, to make it playable in 3 hours. The Peach Orchard side of the assault will provide another scenario.

CS Army List

1.Hood's Div. Ex.

2. Law's Gr. 10/7/4 Ex.

3. Robertson's Br. 9/7/5 

4. Anderson's Br. 9/6/4 Ex.

5. Benning's Br. 7/5/3

6. Henry Div. Art.  2 batteries

7. McLaw's Div. Ex.

8. Kershaw's Br. 11/8/6 Ex.

(9. Semmes Br. 7/5/3 Ex. 5pm)

(10. Barksdale's Br. 8/5/3 E 5.30pm)

(11. Wofford's Br. 8/5/3 6pm)

12. Cabell Div. Art. 2 batteries

(13. Longstreet; Corps. enters 5.30pm)

Total: 69 inf. stands, 4 batteries

  • off table units enter at the times indicated, Semmes behind Kershaw, and Barksdale and Wofford to the left of Kershaw's start position, and may make a full move.
  •  all units start in single line. 
  • Longstreet enters with Barksdale, and does not cross the Emmitsburg Rd.