Chickamauga: Viniard's Farm  19 September 1863  US

   The army of the Cumberland had had a spectacular victory. In 11 days, for the loss of less than 600 men, they had advanced 80 miles and swept Middle Tennessee clean on Confederates. Lincoln was unhappy however, because he wished Rosecrans to keep moving. They still had not defeated Bragg, who had fallen rapidly back to Chattanooga. Now Rosecrans had outsmarted Bragg again, stealing a march on him, and crossing the Tennessee River, threatening to cut him off from his rail supply route to Atlanta. Unfortunately, to do this, he had to split his army into several widely spaced columns to maintain secrecy, and negotiate the unfriendly mountainous terrain.

   Early attempts to turn the Union left flank on 19th, whilst the Corps were still widely separated, were met piece-meal in the heavy woods east of the La Fayette Rd. As more Federal units were hurried to the sound of the guns, General Thomas attempted to consolidate the situation, but the Corps were still widely spread, and no-one knew where the next attack would materialise. Once committed, it was all too easy to lose control of brigades and even divisions, as they became embroiled or lost in the dense forest. During the afternoon another threat to the La Fayette Road focused on the Viniard farm, following an attempt by Heg's Brigade to locate the rebel left wing.

   Terrain Rules: a) the whole battlefield is wooded, except clearings and fields. All woods are rough and block line of sight. Visibility is 2" in woods. b) it was extremely dry, and all streams are low and fordable. c) all fields (hatched) are rough, but do not block line of sight, clearings (dotted) are not rough, and do not block line of sight.

   Scenario Rules: a) all units start in single line unless otherwise shown. b)  off table units enter from the south, in march column, on the La Fayette Rd. If rebel troops are within 6" of the entry point, they may enter the turn following, deployed in single line, straddling the road. Units enter with a full move. c) command radius in woods is 2". 

   d) Batteries:  

   First turn: US 2.30pm     Last turn: CS 6pm   (8 turns)

   Victory Conditions:  3pts for any unspent units east of the La Fayette Rd. + normal VPs

Army List: US.

*Crittenden Ex.

1. Davis Div.

2. Carlin's Br. 5/4/3

3. Woodbury's 2nd Min Batt. (limbered)

4. ***Heg's Br. 6/5/3.

5. **Wilder 6/4/2 Ex. unatt.

6. Lilly's 18th Ind. Batt.

7. Barnes Br. 6/5/3 unatt.

8. 7th Ind. Batt. (limbered)

(9. Wood's Div.) arrives @ 3pm 

(10. Buell's Br. 7/5/4) arrives @ 3pm 

(11. Harker's Br. 7/5/4) arrives @ 3.30pm 

(12. Estep's 8th Ind. Batt.) arrives @ 3pm

(13. Bradley's 6th Ohio Batt.) arrives @ 3.30pm

(14. Sheridan's Div. Ex.) arrives @ 5pm

(15. Bradley's Br. 6/5/3) arrives @ 5pm

(16. Laidbolt's Br.6/5/3) arrives @ 5.30pm

      Total:  49 inf. stands, 5 batteries.

* Crittenden may not attach, and is restricted to the La Fayette Rd and the fields, as he spent the afternoon riding up and down it deploying units.

**Wilders Br. have repeaters, double fire points. They are dug in behind rough breastworks, -1 to fire, +1 in combat. They may not advance across the La Fayette Rd.

***Heg's Br. must move forward until it meets a rebel unit.