Chickamauga: Viniard's Farm  19 September 1863  CS

   The Army of Tennessee under the exhausted Bragg, had been outmanoeuvred by Rosecrans and abandoned Middle Tennessee, almost without a fight. Now in they had abandoned Chattanooga, when it was discovered that the Federals had crossed the Tennessee River. As information began to arrive at Bragg's headquarters, he began to realise that the Union elements were widely spaced, and instead of continuing the retreat towards Atlanta, he decided to try and outflank the Union left wing, thereby cutting Rosecrans army off from the Tennessee River fords and their supply lines, and if possible defeat elements in detail before they could re-unite.

   Early attempts to turn the Union left flank on 19th, were met piece-meal in the heavy woods east of the La Fayette Rd. As more Federal units were hurried to the sound of the guns, the Confederate right itself became endangered. In order to try and take the pressure off Cheatham on the right wing, attacks were made in the centre by Hood's Corps. At one stage there was an enormous gap in the Federal line, between its left and centre, but attempts to capitalise on it were too tentative and uncoordinated, and units became lost in the forests. Fighting petered out towards dark, with neither side able to gain control of the road.

   Terrain Rules: a) the whole battlefield is wooded, except clearings and fields. All woods are rough and block line of sight. Visibility is 2" in woods. b) it was extremely dry, and all streams are low and fordable. c) all fields (hatched) are rough, but do not block line of sight, clearings (dotted) are not rough, and do not block line of sight.

   Scenario Rules: a) command radius in woods is 2". 

   b) Artillery:  

    c) Hidden Units: no units are placed other than the artillery. The movement of all other units should be recorded on the map, until they either come within 2" of the edge of the woods or an enemy unit. They are then placed, and any remaining movement completed.

   First turn: US 2.30pm     Last turn: CS 6pm   (8 turns)

   Victory Conditions:  2 pts for any unspent unit west of the La Fayette Rd. at the end of play + normal VPs.

Army List: CS

1.Hood's Corps Ex.

(Johnson's Div. not present here)

2. *Gregg's Br.6/4/2

3. McNair's Br. 4/3/2 (part)

4. Law's Div.

5. Robertson's Br. 5/3/2 Ex.

6. Benning's Br. 5/3/2 Ex.

7. Preston's Div.

8. Trigg 8/6/4

9. Kelly 6/5/3 Ex.

10. Gracie 10/8/5 Ex.

11. 3 Batteries


Total: 44 inf stands, 3 batteries.

* Place Gregg's Brigade, 2" from the stream, once the Federals to their front reach it. Hegg's Br then stops 'surprised'.