Chickamauga: Brock Field  12.30pm 19 September 1863  US

   The army of the Cumberland had had a spectacular victory. In 11 days, for the loss of less than 600 men, they had advanced 80 miles and swept Middle Tennessee clean on Confederates. Lincoln was unhappy however, because he wished Rosecrans to keep moving. They still had not defeated Bragg, who had fallen rapidly back to Chattanooga. Now Rosecrans had outsmarted Bragg again, stealing a march on him, and crossing the Tennessee River, threatening to cut him off from his rail supply route to Atlanta. Unfortunately, to do this, he had to split his army into several widely spaced columns to maintain secrecy, and negotiate the unfriendly mountainous terrain.

   Whilst regrouping his forces, believing Bragg to be on the retreat again, disturbing news of contact with rebel forces on the army's extreme left wing,  arrived at Rosecrans headquarters. At first believing it to be a rearguard, little was done, but during the 19 September, it became increasingly clear that a strong rebel force had crossed Chickamauga Creek, and was on the army's flank, and threatening to defeat its separated elements in detail. During the morning fighting had occurred around Jay's Mill, but by noon it had spread south and west towards the La Fayette road near the Brock Farm. Thomas was sent to co-ordinate efforts to meet the rebel advance. It was essential to hold La Fayette Rd, west of the field.  Troops were drawn from all three Corps and fed into the fighting in the dense woods to try and protect the road that linked the separate elements of the army.

   Terrain Rules: a) the whole battlefield is wooded, except clearings and fields. They are rough going and block line of sight. Visibility is 2" in woods. b) it was extremely dry, and all streams are low and fordable. c) all fields (hatched) are rough, but do not block line of sight. d) clearings (dotted) are open ground. e) 24" in march column on roads.

   Scenario Rules: a) all units start in single line unless otherwise shown. b) batteries can be unlimbered by Div or Brig. commanders. c) batteries may fire at a distance from any elevated position, locating targets by their dust at -1 to the die roll.  d) command radius in woods is 2". e) off table units arrive at the table edge. at the point specified, in single line unless otherwise stated, with a full move.

   First turn: US 12.30pm     Last turn: CS 3.30pm   (7 turns)

   Victory Conditions: 5 Pts for undisputed possession of Brock Field + normal VPs

Army List

1. Palmer's Div.

2. * Hazen's Br. 7/6/4 Ex.

3. Batt. F 1st Ohio

4. Cruft's Br. 7/5/4 

5. Batt. B 1st Ohio

6. Grose's Br. 8/6/4

7. Batt. H 4th US

8. Johnson's Div.

9. Willich's Br. 7/5/3

10. Batt. A 1st Ohio

11. Dodge's Br. 5/4/3

12. Batt. 20th Ohio

13. Baldwin's Br. 7/5/4

14. Batt. 5th Ind

15. **part of Turchins Br. 4/3/2 enter @ 1pm N. of X on road

(16. Van Cleve's Div.) enter @ 1.30pm @ X

(17. S. Beatty's Br. 7/5/4) enter @ 1.30pm @ X in supported line

(18. Dick's Br. 6/5/3) enter @ 2pm @ Y in supported line

(19.  Turchin's Br. (remainder) 4/3/2) enter @ 2pm @ Z single line


Total: 70 inf. stands, 6 art. stands

* Does not go low on ammo, as he took an ammo wagon with his Brig.

**part of Turchin's brigade was sent to re-enforce Hazen. Treat as a separate unit, but must fight along side Hazen. If united again, remaining elements may fight as 8/6/4.