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All illustrations by Michael Chappell. (I have made efforts to contact Michael without success to get official permission to use his excellent illustrations))

Sergeant with Texas State flag 1863
Searg Major S. Carolina Volunteers with State flag 1861
Privet 15th Virg. infantry (company B)
Private Sumter Light Guard.
Bass drummer Sumter Light Guard.
Officer Sumter Light Guard.
Privates of the Louisiana Tigers Zouaves.
Priv. Maryland Guard Zouaves.
Private 5th Georgia (Comp. A service dress.)
Private 5th Georgia (Comp. A full dress.)
Private Savannah Volunteer Guard. (full dress)
Private Alexandria Rifles.
Private Woodis Rifles. (full dress)
Drum Major 1st Virginia Volunteers. (full dress)
Sergeant 4th Texas Volunteers. (Comp B)
Private 4th Texas Volunteers. (Comp H)
Private  4th Texas Volunteers. (Comp A)
Private 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves
1st Lieut. 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves
Private Co. E 23rd Virginia Volunteers. (service dress)
Private Co. E 23rd Virginia Volunteers. (full dress)
Private McClellan's Zouaves. (Charleston S. C.)
Private Chichester Zouave Cadets. (Charleston S. C.)
Cadet Virginia Military Institute.