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All illustrations by Michael Chappell. (I have made efforts to contact Michael without success to get official permission to use his excellent illustrations))

Major of Cavalry
General of Cavalry
Cavalry Private in Campaign Dress
Corporal Full Dress
Sergeant 1st Virginia Cav
Sergeant 1st Texas Cav
Private Charleston Light Dragoons 1860
Priv. Sussex Light Dragoons 1861
Capt. Sussex Light Dragoons 1861
Private, Georgia Governor's Horse Guard 1861
Private Southern militia 1860
Private 26th Texas (DeBray's Mounted Rifleman)
Private Texas Cav
Private 1st Kentucky Cav Brig
Hampton's Legion, 1st Lieut.
Beaufort Troop, 1st Sergeant
8th Texas Cav. Private Campaign Dress
8th Texas Cav. Private Regulation Dress