Bloody Lane, Antietam: 17 Sept 1862     8.30am      US

Struggle for Bloody Lane

     The early morning attack by Hooker and Mansfield had severely stretched the Rebel left, but had been a failure because of the piecemeal attacks of its units. The arrival of re-enforcements in the form of  Sedgwick's Division of the 2nd Corps, had stabilized the situation to some extent, though at a cost, finally forcing back Hood's Division after a severe struggle. Whichever side tried to force the attack, they were ultimately driven back by enemy artillery, and the extreme right seemed to be a stalemate. With the arrival of the 2nd Corps, there was a chance that an attack on the centre towards the Piper Farm, could break through Confederate defenses, stretched very thinly in order to send troops to stem the Union attack on their left. If the two fresh Divisions could be deployed and used quickly, the all important breakthrough towards Sharpsburg might be effected. Lee's army would be split in two and the battle won!

Scenario Rules: Long Range Artillery: 4 fire points may be used from batteries off table on Poffenburger Hill on any targets visible in your half of the field. Normal targeting limitations.

First turn: CS 8.30am     Last turn: US 12.30pm     (8 turns)

Victory Conditions: 5 points for possession of the lane, or 10 for unopposed possession of Piper Farm hill. (ie, no unspent enemy units in contact with the hill.) + normal victory points.

Army List: US

A. Williams Div

B. Crawford's Brig  -/5/4

C. Gordon's Brig -/7/5

D. Greene's Div

E. Tyndale's Brig -/3/2

F. Stainrook's Brig -/4/3

G. Goodrich's Brig -/3/2

T. Sumner 2nd Corps Ex.

(H. Richardson's Div)

(I. Caldwell's Brig 8/6/4) 9.30am

(J. Meagher's Brig 8/6/4 Ex.) 9.30am

(K. Brook's Brig 8/7/5) 10am

4. Pettit's Batt

L. Sedgwick's Div Ex.

M. Gorman's Brig -/5/4

N. Howard's Brig -/6/4

O. Dana's Brig -/5/4

1. Thompkin's Batt

2. Woodruff's Batt

P. French's Div.

Q. Kimble's Brig 9/8/5

R. Morris's Brig 10/8/6

S. Weber's Brig 9/8/5

3. Owen's Batt

Total: 90 infantry, 4 batteries

Off table units enter between X & Y in any formation, at 9.30am (H, I & J) and at 10am (K)