Bloody Lane, Antietam: 17 Sept 1862          8.30 am         CS

     During the early morning, the rebel left under Jackson, had been severely assaulted by elements of several US Corps, but had managed to hold their ground, and even attack the confused US forces which had been launched in piece-meal attacks.  Following the repulse of Hood from the cornfield by the 12 Corps after another desperate struggle, McLaws has been rushed in to stabilise the extreme left, as D H Hill and R H Anderson prepare to meet the developing threat in the centre near the Piper Farm. While the Federal forces around West Wood and Dunker Church are somewhat confused following their conflict with Hood, the most serious threat is advancing towards the Sunken Lane through the ruins of the Roulette Farm. Until these 2,500 men of Hill's Division can be re-enforced, they are all that stands between Sumner's 2nd Corps and Sharpsburg. They must hold their position whatever! However, they do have the advantage of the sunken lane, a feature of which advancing Federal forces are unaware.

   Scenario Rules: A) Sunken Lane will be worth +2 for melee and -2 for fire. Historically many US units did not realise it was there, and failed to put out skirmishers, so took heavy casualties. To reflect this, brigades attacking the lane failing to roll >5 on a d10, have no skirmish screen. Defenders then + 1 to fire die roll.

   First turn: CS 8.30am     Last turn: US 12.30pm     (8 turns)

Army List: CS

20. Jackson's Corps Ex.

A. Brockenbrough's Batt

B. Woolfolk's Batt

C. Moody's Bat

6. D H Hill's Div Ex.

D. Hardaway's Batt

7. Garland's Brig -/3/2

8. Colquitt's Brig -/5/3

9. Rodes Brig 6/4/2 Ex.

10. G B Anderson's Brig 7/5/3 Ex.

19 Early's Div 3/2/- (remnants)

21 Jones Art Div 

E. Page's Batt

F. Turner's Batt

22 Longstreet's Corps

1. McLaw's Division

2. Kershaw's Brig 5/3/2

3. Cobb's Brig 3/2/-

4. Semmes Brig 5/4/3

5. Barksdale's Brig 5/4/3

12. Walker's Div

13. Manning's Brig 9/7/5

14. Ransom's Brig 8/6/4

(15. R H Anderson's Div)

(16. Wright's Brig 5/4/3 Ex.) enter @ 9.30am

(17. Pryor's Brig 5/4/3) enter @ 9.30am

18. G T Anderson's Brig 5/3/2 Ex. (unattached)

Total: 74 Infantry 6 Batteries

  • Batteries E & F are in Jones Artillery Division and can be deployed by him or Jackson.
  • Off table units arrive between X & Y in any formation at 9.30am.

  Victory Conditions: 10 points if Dunker Church hill is held unopposed OR 5 points if Sunken Lane held uncontested + normal victory points.