Antietam: Hooker's Attack     5.30am  17 Sept 1862       US

   Hooker's Attack:   As dawn began to break Hooker began his attack on the rebel left, according to McClellan's plan. It was hot humid and misty, and the strength and disposition of the enemy was far from clear. But after the '3 cigars' incident, it was known that the rebels were fairly scattered. If they brought them to battle quickly, perhaps they could be defeated before they could concentrate again.

   The focus of the attack was to be the Dunker Church, and the high ground that lay behind it, that dominated Sharpsburg, where the rebels were centered. For a variety of reasons, the attack was made in a piece-meal and confused way, with some of Hooker's brigades in both waves of the attack. The initial waves ran into a staunch line of Confederate defense and faltered. But there was a strong reserve of troops to draw on. 

   Scenario Rules: a) Farms +1 to defenders. b) Command radius will be 12" because of the mist. This does not affect artillery fire.

   Long Range Artillery: 4 fire points may be used from batteries off table to the east of Sharpsburg, to target any units east of the Hagerstown Pike. Enemy units beyond x-y may receive flank fire if their facing is more northerly than the line of x-y.

   First turn: US 5.30am     Last turn: CS 9.00am

   Victory Conditions: 5 points for possession of Dunker Church, or 10 for unopposed possession of Dunker hill. (ie, no unspent enemy units in contact with the hill.) + normal victory points.

Army List: US

A. Hooker (Corps)

B. Doubleday Div

C. Phelps Brig. 4/3/2

D. Hoffman's Brig 6/5/4*

E. Patrick's Brig. 5/4/3

F. Gibbon 7/5/3 Ex.

1. Campbell's Batt.

2. Monroe's Batt.

G. Rickett's Div.

H. Duryea's Brig. 5/4/3

I. Christian's Brig. 4/3/2*

J. Hartsuff's Brig. 7/5/3*

3. Thompson's Batt

4. Mathews Batt.

K. Meade's Div. Ex.

L. Seymour's Brig. 6/5/3

M. Magilton's Brig. 5/4/3*

N. Anderson's Brig. 4/-/3*

5. Simpson's Batt.

6. Cooper's Batt.

(O. William's Div. unattached)

(P. Crawford's Brig. 10/8/6 Ex.)

(Q. Gordon's Brig. 11/9/6 )


Total: 74 inf stands and 6 batteries.

  • All front line brigades (C, E, F, H, L) must advance as far as possible towards the Dunker Church as they can in their first move. 
  • *The second line *(I, J, M, N, D) may not move until the 6am turn. 
  • (   ) Off table units enter at Z at 7am.