Antietam: Hooker's Attack: 5.30am  17 Sept 1862  CS

Hooker's Attack

   As a hot misty dawn began to break, the expected Federal attack began on Lee's left, through the north and east woods. Early scouting had confirmed a major assault, in fact some 9,000 men in all, but badly strung out. Lee had been desperately concentrating his forces to meet the assault. By dawn he had under 5,000 men to counter the Union push, but more were on the way.

   The uncoordinated nature of the federal attack was to leave Lee room to move troops to meet each threat, but the first attack centered on the Dunker Church and the high ground around it that commanded Sharpsburg from the north.

   Scenario Rules: A) command radius will be 12" because of the mist, but this will not affect artillery. B) Farms give +1 to any defenders. C) Off table artillery on Nicodemus Hill (2 Batteries) measures ranges from point A but deducts 2". They can not be attacked or fired upon D) batteries 21, 22, 23, commanded by D H Lee who is off table, and can only be moved by Jackson. If these batteries go low on ammo, miss 1 firing phase.

   First turn: US 5.30am     Last turn: CS 9.00am

   Victory Conditions: 2 points for each of the 2 parts of West Wood held uncontested (no unspent enemy units in the wood), 3 points each for any of Dunker, Roulette or Mumma held uncontested + normal VPs.

Army List: CS

1. Jackson Corps Ex.

2. J R Jones Div.

3. Winder/Jones Brig. 5/3/2

4. Stark/Taliaferro Brig. 4/3/2

19. Poague Batt (Jones Div)

20. Brockenbrough Batt (Jones Div)

5. Ewell's Div (Lawton)

6. Douglas' Brig. 6/4/2

7. Early's Brig. Ex. 6/4/2

8. Walker's (Trimble) Brig. 4/3/2

9. Hays' Brig. Ex. 4/3/2

10. Hood's Div. Ex.

11. Laws Brig. Ex. 6/4/2

12. Wofford's Brig Ex. 6/4/2 

 later arrivals

(13. D H Hill's Div. Ex. 6am at x)

(14. Ripley's Brig. 6/5/3 6am at x-y)

(15. Garland's Brig. 4/3/2 6.30 at y-z)

(16. Colquitt's Brig. 6/5/3 6.30 at x-y)

21. Parker Batt 

22. Rhett Batt

23. Woolfolk Batt.


Total: 57 inf stands and 5 batteries