ANTIETAM:    Burnside's Attack     2.30pm 17 Sept 1862       US

   Burnside's Attack: It remains unclear whether Hooker's right wing attack, or Burnside's left wing attack was to have been the main one. It seems they were planned to coincide. Unfortunately, Burnside was extremely slow to start, and had the logistical problem of taking and negotiating the narrow bridge over the Antietam. His advance lagged behind by several crucial hours. Two attempts to take the bridge by outflank cost valuable time, because Wilcox on the right and Rodman on the left, had no clear intelligence about fords across the Antietam. By the time the troops were assembled across the river, in any state to advance, it was 2pm. However, after the mornings fierce fighting on the opposite wing, there remained a chance that Sharpsburg could be captured, if it could be done before Lee re-deployed.

   The attack was conducted by Cox, but dogged by problems. The logistics of ferrying supplies and ammunition across one narrow bridge, resulted in units running out at crucial moments. Further, the ground they were advancing over was a nightmare of high Indian corn, stone walls, and small knolls. To add to this the rebel defense was very stubborn. BUT, if Sharpsburg fell, Lee would be surrounded within the hour.

   Terrain Rules: All land between Antietam Creek and Harpers Ferry Rd is rough ground, visibility 6" except for artillery on hilltops. Any melee defenders +1 for defending terrain (fences, knolls, sunken lanes, etc.) Bonus is not cumulative. Cornfields block line of sight. Units within 2" of Antietam Creek are sheltered from fire by its ravine, and can only be fired upon by units within 4".

   Scenario Rules: 1)Skirmishers: -1 to fire at, fall back to maintain 2" if charged, may not charge themselves. Artillery may fire through, but not canister. 2) Firing: on a roll of 8/9 low on ammo, re-supply as normal. On roll of 10 no ammo, because of supply problems, re-supply on a roll of 10, trying each fire phase. 3) Any units outflanked in melees, deduct 5.

Army List: US

A Cox (Corps, 12" comm radius)

B Willcox's Div

C Christ's Brig 9/8/5

D Welsh's Brig 9/8/5

E Sturgis' Div

F Nagle's Brig 8/6/4

G Ferrero's Brig -/5/3 E

H Clark's Batt

I Durrell's Batt

J Rodman's Div

K Fairchild's Brig 7/6/4

L Harland's Brig 9/8/5

M Muhlenburg's Batt

N Kanawha's Div

O Ewing's Brig 9/8/5

P Crook's Brig 9/8/5

Q Devin's Cav Brig 4/3/2 dism/unatt

R Taff's Batt*

S Weed's Batt*

Total: 65 inf stands, 4 cav stands and 3 batteries

* May not move

    First turn: US 2.30am     Last turn: CS 5.30am

   Victory Conditions: 5 points for any unspent US units in Sharpsburg at the end of the game, + normal victory points.

   NB CS units have been calculated on the basis of 150 men per stand for the sake of a playable game. Due to the small size of some units, exceptionally 3/2/1 units may fight with 1 stand.