ANTIETAM:    Burnside's Attack     2.30pm 17 Sept 1862       CS

      The action on Lee's right at Sharpsburg was always a rearguard one. Troops initially deployed there were sent to bolster defenses elsewhere during the course of the day. D R Jones' Division, and a few scattered rebel units, were asked to hold the right flank against the whole of the US 9th Corps, until the other threats had been beaten off. Lee was expecting A P Hill at some time during the afternoon, and his only other reserve was artillery. Gradually forced back from the bridge during the morning, the rebels conducted a skirmishing action to hinder the Federal advance, gradually falling back to a line just outside Sharpsburg. The protection of the army's escape route across the Potomac was at stake. Hill arrived about 2.30 to say that his Division was close at hand. Would they be in time, and would they be enough to stem the tide of the US 9th Corps?

   Terrain Rules: Units within 2" of Antietam Creek are sheltered from fire by its ravine, and can only be fired upon by units within 4". All land between Antietam Creek and Harpers Ferry Rd is rough ground, visibility 6" except for artillery on hilltops. Any melee defenders +1 for defending terrain (fences, knolls, sunken lanes, etc.) Bonus is not cumulative. Cornfields block line of sight. 

   Scenario Rules: Use union troops in Hills brigades if possible, as his men, out of necessity, were liberally equipped with US uniforms from Harpers Ferry. Any US units outflanked in melee by Hill's units, deduct 5. (Panic at apparently being attack by 'friends')

   First turn: US 2.30am     Last turn: CS 5.30am

   Victory Conditions: 5 points for preventing any unspent US units being in Sharpsburg at the end of the game, + normal VPs.

Army List: CS

1. D R Jones' Div. E

2. Garnett's Brig 4/3/2

3. Jenkin's Brig 4/3/2 E

4. Drayton's Brig 4/3/2 E

5. Kemper's Brig 3/2/1

6. Tomb's Brig* 3/2/1 E (skirmishers)

7. Brown's Batt

8. Gordon's Batt (Laws)

9. Reilly's Batt (Laws)

10. Richardson's Batt (unatt)

17 Munford's Cav 5/4/3 dism.

18 Evan's Brig* 4/3/2 E unatt/skirm

(11 A P Hill's Div E) 3pm

(12 Branch's Brig 4/3/2 E) 3pm

(13 Gregg's Brig 6/4/2 E) 3pm

(14 Field's Brig 3/-/2) 4pm

(15 Pender's Brig 4/3/2) 3.30pm

(16 Thomas' Brig 4/3/2) 3.30pm

(19 Braxton's Batt) 3pm

(20 MacIntosh's Batt) 3.30pm

(21 Pegram's Batt) 4pm

Total: 48 inf stands and 7 batteries

Off table units enter in line within 1" of road from the west that joins Harpers Ferry Rd at the time indicated. Move according to manoeuvre roll.

 * Toombs and Evans Brigades ONLY operate as skirmishers.-1 to fire at, fall back to maintain 2" if charged, may not charge themselves. Artillery may fire through, but not canister. 

NB CS units have been calculated on the basis of 150 men per stand for the sake of a playable game. Due to the small size of some units, exceptionally 3/2/1 units may fight with 1 stand.